Halifax - March 31, 2017

Ticket sales have ended
Team Options
  • Team 1
    Conor Downie, Nicole Chiasson, Sydni K, Meghan Noel
    Sold out
  • Team 2
    Faye Teewun, Magalie Kudirka, Justin Smith
    Sold out
  • Team 3
    Riley Timmins, Alanna Boyd, Jackie Archibald, Colin Mundon
    Sold out
  • Team 4
    Andrew Sneddon, Hailey Kenney, Mikey Fraser, Kashrell Lawerence
    Sold out
  • Team 5
    Olivia Bryant, Erin Pilcher, Rachael Davidson
    Sold out
  • Team 6
    Ryan Langille, Andrew Anthony, Rachel Butler
    Sold out
  • Team 7
    Elizabeth Lynk, Ashley Ganske, Nic Later, Matt Mulvi
    Not Available
  • Team 8
    Juan Pablo, Julian Sommerville, Janessa Hunt, Jac Valsani
    Sold out

You survived 12 Barz and it was legendary... Tasks, shots, amazing outfits & your t-shirt totally marked up to prove it all. Now It's that time of year again - so gather your friends and prepare for the annual YEAR END PARTY before everyone goes into lockdown for exams!

Our signature mix of holiday outfits, ridiculous behaviour, and more energy than an atomic bomb makes this one of the most unforgettable nights of the year. Are you ready to show us what you've got? Come join us and our long eared, furry friend as we gear up to throw down!

Your ticket for the evening is the famous Bunny Hop T-Shirt, including:

  • Exclusive access to the bars planned out for the evening. No cover and direct entry at all locations
  • Featured shot & drink specials at every bar ($3-$4)
  • The brand NEW Bunny Hop Lanyard, Sharpie, Sticker, Pub Crawl Map & The Official 2017 Shot Glass.
  • A Memorabilia T-Shirt covered in sharpie messages and pictures from randoms and friends
  • Chance to win some unreal gifts from a pool of prizes worth over 20K!