Blockchain Government Forum

Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards - June 12, 2017

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Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards

Ottawa, Ontario
12:00PM (EDT) - June 12, 2017
Blockchain Government Forum

This forum is about understanding the true potential of blockchain technology and its ability to interact with the government at all levels.

Why Attend

Whether you are just learning about blockchain technology, are currently immersed in it, or somewhere in between, the Blockchain Government Forum is right for you. This forum provides attendees with a look at how innovative ideas are developed and executed. It also provides detailed information regarding what blockchain technology is, its evolution and its potential to change the future. Along with top level keynote speeches, excellent content, and the ability to join in panel discussions with worldwide industry leaders, the forum is on the list of “must attend” for people who are interested in blockchain technology and are interested in what sectors are ready to be disrupted by this new technology.