12 BARZ London

London - November 28, 2018

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Team Options
  • Team 1
    Angie Trojanovic, Christine Gordon
    Sold out
  • Team 2
    Kalique Dzidah, Garry Dhanoa, Kai Tubinshlak
    Sold out
  • Team 3
    Taylor Lindsey, Kassi Gillner, Gordana Kovacic
    Sold out
  • Team 4
    Trenton-Roy Mugford, Autumn Wells
    Sold out
  • Team 5
    Grace Woolgar, Breanna Hutton, Kendra Marlatt
    Sold out
  • Team 6
    Spencer Grant, Nolan Cuppage, Dillon Audet
    Sold out
  • Team 7
    AJ Grittani, Taylor Lys, Thomas Craigen
    Sold out
  • Team 8
    Nick Poujade, Cassie Kerec
    Sold out
  • Team 9
    Will Bugeja, Ben Prentice, Justin Proctor
    Sold out
  • Team 10
    Western Savages
    Sold out
  • Team 11
    Jordan Dyck, Nicky Aleeshaghi
    Not Available
  • Team 12
    Dustin Michienzi, Sam Richardson
    Sold out
  • Team 13
    Christian Szynal, Sunny Patel, Noah Everett
    Sold out
  • Team 14
    Arden Bigford, Paige Levitt, Kyle Woods, Omar Haya
    Sold out
  • Team 15
    Claire Anderson, Will Anderson , Myles Laurenza, Lily Marchese
    Sold out
  • Team 16
    Jaiman Dhindsa, Hanwen Lu, Coco Radoiu
    Sold out
12 BARZ London

A night that some say is better than Christmas itself… The 12 Barz of Christmas is back & still crawlin’ after 15 years! Officially the LARGEST pub crawl in North America, this historic event started back in 2004 with a group of friends in a college town looking to bring their crew together before exams for the craziest night of the year.

So bust out your wildest holiday outfit & most ridiculous behaviour, for a night you will always remember by the sharpie messages on the back of the legendary #12Barz Shirt!

Who will you meet under the Mistletoe?

Your ticket for the evening is the famous 12 Barz T-Shirt, including:

  • Exclusive access to the bars planned out for the evening. No cover and direct entry at all locations.
  • Featured shot & drink specials at every bar ($3-4)
  • The brand NEW 12 Barz Sharpie, Stickers & The Official 2018 Shot Glass.
  • A Memorabilia T-Shirt covered in sharpie messages from randoms and friends.
  • Access to EventPass - The NEW 12 Barz Event App.


Snow or Shine