London - April 3, 2019

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  • Team 1
    Eryn Loney, Bailey McCaul, Sydney Inghelbrecht
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  • Team 2
    Kalique, Garry Dhanoa, Kai Tubinshlak
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  • Team 3
    Taylor Lindsey, Natalie Lindsey
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  • Team 4
    Trenton Roy Mugford, Bailey Boudreau
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  • Team 5
    Spencer Grant, Nolan Cuppage, Dillon Audet, Megan Kemp
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  • Team 6
    Taylor Lys, Abdel Elmaadawi, Gregory Alexander
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  • Team 7
    Nick Poujade, Will Bugeja
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  • Team 8
    Amanda Woolcock, Karolina Greda, Krystian Adamcewicz
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  • Team 9
    Christian Szynal, Sunny Patel, Noah Everett, Omar Haya
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  • Team 10
    Claire Anderson, Will Anderson, Myles Laurenza, Maddy Moore
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  • Team 11
    Jaiman Dhindsa, Christine Gordon
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  • Team 12
    Natalie Richard, Cierra Edross
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Each and every year, thousands of people come together to let loose with a signature mix of crazy outfits, ridiculous behaviour, and insane energy. What started out 10 years ago as a few friends coming together to hit a couple bars for the night is now over 30,000+ friends throwing down in over 30 locations across North America.

The combination of tasks, shots, and creative outfits tied together with an amazing crowd and the famous Bunny Hop shirt make this night a truly unique experience you need to live out to believe. It’s time to gather your crew, plan your signature Bunny Hop outfit, and get ready to see what all the hype is about!

Your ticket for the evening is the famous Bunny Hop T-Shirt, including:

  • Exclusive access to the bars planned out for the evening. No cover and direct entry at all locations on your Team Schedule.
  • Featured shot & drink specials at every bar.
  • The brand NEW Bunny Hop Sharpie, Stickers, & The Official 2019 Shot Glass.
  • A Memorabilia T-Shirt covered in sharpie messages and pictures from randoms and friends.
  • Chance to win some unreal gifts from a pool of prizes!
  • Access to EventPass - The NEW Bunny Hop Event App.